Menu - Offset 1 seater sofa

Menu's Offset sofa now comes as a one-seater

Norm Architects’ deep-seated Offset sofa for Menu now comes as a generous one-seater.

Offset has a boxy foam seat framed by slender armrests that reach all the way down, like walls on the sides of the chair. The plump seat peeks out in front of the armrests and the chair sits low to the ground on little plastic feet. It’s got a wide cushion across the back and you can have two smaller ones for the arms. The frame is made of pine wood with springs beneath the foam for firmness.

Rather than calling it an armchair, Norm Architects designed it to be the same size as one seat of the larger sofas in the collection. The series has exaggerated proportions that offset each other, resulting in a bulging chair with a surprisingly minimalist silhouette.

It’s available to order now in a range of upholstered fabrics.