Menu - Androgyne side table

Menu makes side table with shapely steel base

Danish furniture brand Menu has created a side table with shapes cut out from intersecting pieces of laser-cut steel to create a void at the centre of its base.

Copenhagen architect Danielle Siggerud created the Androgyne side table with four flat, wide pieces of steel arranged in an x-shape beneath the tabletop. The inside edge of each piece is cut away with a curving line so as you move around the table, you’ll see different arching shapes and intersecting lines.

The base comes in black or ivory steel with a matching round surface, or you can get the table top in marquina or crystal-beige marble.

Danielle originally created the table for the Menu Space Cafe, which she designed in 2017 for the brand to use as a showroom and office space. The Androgyne table was the architect’s first product design and is now part of the Menu collection.