Marta Sala Editions - PF1 René

Metal handle adorns velvet pouf

Eponymous Milan brand owner Marta Sala has produced an elegant cylindrical pouf that combines metal and fabric upholstery to highlight their different qualities.

The René pouf has a slender metal strip that hugs the curved cushion, reaching up from the wooden base to just above the height of the seat as a handle. The way the metal curves around the supple, upholstered pouf softens the look of the hard material and accentuates the plumpness of the seat by following its shape. There’s also a little hole cut out in the top of the handle to make it easy to move around.

The standard version comes with the pouf upholstered in amber Mohair Duke velvet from French fabric company La Maison Pierre Frey, which looks gloriously golden when combined with the polished brass. You could also upholster the pouf in your own fabric, and the metal comes in brass, chrome or nickel with either a matte or polished finish.

Roman creative studio Lazzarini & Pickering designed the René pouf and have been the brand’s chief designers on all its existing collections since the Italian architect Marta Sala set up her own design brand in 2015.