Marta Sala Editions - Gelasio cabinet

Marta Sala produces cabinet with curved sliding door

Milan brand Marta Sala Editions has produced a chic cabinet with a metal door that slides round its cylindrical body, created by Roman design studio Lazzarini & Pickering.

The curved satin brass door is a little taller than the cabinet, creating a wall around half of the lacquered wooden body. When you slide the door round to open the cabinet, you’ll find a circular shelf inside with a golden pole running through it for support.

The cabinet stands on a brass base and the lacquered wooden body comes in either white or black. There’s also a low coffee table version with the same sliding door.

Called Gelasio, the cabinet is part of the brand’s fourth collection designed by Claudio Lazzarini & Carl Pickering. The Italian architects have designed all of Marta Sala’s collections since she launched her namesake brand in 2015, including the elegant Rene pouf.