Marsotto Edizioni - Seesaw table

Nendo balances marble tabletop over pointed base

Japanese studio Nendo has designed a solid marble side table for Italian brand Marsotto Edizioni, featuring a thin sheet of marble positioned off-centre over a chunky base.

Named Seesaw, the minimalist side table has a solid marble base that looks like a neat little house. The weight of the base counterbalances the tabletop, which looks like it’s teetering on the ridge but there’s actually a piece of marble supporting it from underneath, which you can only see from certain angles.

This delicate balance of opposing shapes makes the weighty material seem lighter and creates a graphic, angular outline. It comes in two different sizes and in a choice of either black or white marble. There’s a dining table version as well, which has two blocks for the legs to support the long surface.

Marsotto Edizioni and Nendo are regular collaborators, having recently presented the Light and Shadow exhibition of marble furniture in Milan earlier this year.