Made A Mano - Etna dining table

Made A Mano produces lava stone table top

Slabs of lava stone from the region of Italy’s Mount Etna make up the surface of this graphic dining table produced by Italian company Made A Mano.

The Etna table was created by Berlin designer Gisbert Pöppler, who made the surface to look like ripples in water using his signature style of gently rounded shapes.

The surface consists of four pieces of stone glazed in earthy tones of red, yellow and a light sky blue. Arranged over two thick legs made from steel and stone, the coloured slabs ripple out from a grey stone oval that’s positioned off centre over the base.

Made A Mano's owner Rosario Parrinello makes each table to order out of his workshop that’s just 60km from the active volcano. Its range of lava stone furniture is made by burning the stone in a 2000°c oven for up to ten days at a time to fuse the stone with a ceramic glaze.