Louise Roe - Frame Cabinet

Louise Roe makes elegant cast iron cabinet

Danish designer and brand owner Louise Roe has launched an industrial cast iron cabinet with refined glass panelling.

Thin lines of cast iron divide the panes of tempered glass on the front and sides, lending the cabinet a surprisingly light presence given the weight of its industrial material. There are four glass shelves inside that sit against the cabinet’s powder-coated iron back, and the top and sides are solid sheets of iron as well.

The slim feet lift the cabinet off the ground, working with the glass to bring a delicate elegance to the collection. Frame is available in two sizes with full length doors that open at a small brass handle with a magnetic clasp. The larger size has two doors that open from the centre and the smaller has one door and no feet.

Louise Roe presents hardwearing materials in delicate forms throughout her collection, as in the designer’s Jewel Coffee Table that also uses a thin iron frame to create space beneath a weighty marble table top.

Available: Now