Louis Poulsen - new Ph5 colours

New colours for PH5 pendant light

Danish lighting brand Louis Poulsen has released the PH5 pendant light in six new hues including orange, rose, red, green, blue and grey to celebrate the design’s 60th anniversary.

Originally created by Danish designer Poul Henningsen in 1958, the PH5 features three shades of graduating sizes. Each one is individually angled to conceal the light source and reduce glare, while still allowing maximum illumination. It’s a sculptural piece that does as much to enhance a space when unlit as when it’s in use.

Each PH lamp has a different number that refers to the size of its shades. Poul's original light using this technique, the Paris lamp, featured one 40cm shade with two smaller shades below. The main shade of the PH5 has a 50cm diameter, with smaller ones above and below.

The new colours were added to the PH5 mini in November 2017, and are now available to order for the standard size as well.

Available: Now
RRP ex VAT: £625