Lee Broom - Orion Lighting collection

Lee Broom launches glowing spheres and tubes of light in Milan

British designer and brand owner Lee Broom launched a collection of linear, asymmetric pendant lights in Milan, featuring spheres slotted onto tubes.

You can choose which part to have as the light source: either a polished gold sphere on a glowing LED tube, or a spherical lamp on a gold tube. Orion can be suspended vertically or horizontally with the cable running through the centre of the tube.

Lee showed seven products in four collections in Milan, including the Eclipse lights , and all will be available to order immediately. Known for his noteworthy installations in Milan, the east London designer previously filled a van with optical illusions that he parked at strategic locations around the city. He also created a bar using reclaimed fragments of an English pub.

This year's exhibition was titled Observatory and located in a Grade II listed building in the Brera Design District, marking the first part of three lighting launches that will take place this year.