Le Klint - Pliverre lighting collection

Le Klint produces multi-faceted glass lights

Danish lighting brand Le Klint has launched a collection featuring opal glass shades with multi-faceted surfaces to reinterpret its signature hand-pleated designs.

Created by Danish designer Christian Troels, the Pliverre collection was named after the French phrase "verre plié", meaning folded glass. It features mouth-blown glass shades, each with a silky white surface that’s shaped by flat sides all the way around. The shades have brass fittings and are slanted at the top before cutting down in a straight line.

There’s a pendant light that hangs from a black fabric-wrapped cord, which comes with a cord adjuster so you can vary the height after installation. The chandelier and floor lamp have black metal stems, and their shades are sliced off at a 45 degree angle.