Lambert et Fils - Dorval pendant light

Lambert et Fils makes four-headed pendant light

Montreal lighting studio Lambert et Fils will launch an architectural pendant light with a grid of four slatted aluminium heads at this year’s Bienniale Interieur Kortrijk.

The linear symmetry of runway lights inspired Paris design studio SCMP to create the Dorval pendant as a prototype last year, and it’s now in production. There are two pairs of heads on either side of a vertical piece of aluminium. Each one branches off a horizontal piece that runs through the middle, creating a symmetrical four-square grid.

The lights have ribbed, frosted LED panels with linear, slatted backs and you can rotate them individually by 360 degrees. You can also rotate each pair of lights around the horizontal axis, giving you lots of options for directional lighting.

The cable runs down through the centre of the plus-shaped body, and curls up at the end with a little loop that hangs out from the bottom.

The designers created the light in a shade of blue that’s the same colour as an iconic French motorcycle, the Motobécane, and there’s also a version in a light shade of grey.