LaCividina - Waves modules

Constance Guisset designs modular seats inspired by rolling landscapes

French designer Constance Guisset has created a collection of modular seats evoking landscapes of wavy seas, smooth rocks and gently rolling hills for furniture brand LaCividina.

The Waves series was inspired by the fluid lines and gentle curves in the paintings of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. The collection includes a large seat shaped like a droplet with a sloping back at its pointy end, and a long sofa module which you can get with a very low back.

There’s also a small pouf that’s shaped like a rounded diamond, and LaCividina recently added a little wooden side table in the same shape. The table top lifts up on either side so you can store things inside too. They all have hidden magnetic panels so you can join them together side by side.

The upholstered pieces have thick lines of piping round their edges to exaggerate the undulating curves, and the cushioned seats hide their sturdy MDF bases.