Klassik - King's lounge chair

Poul Volther’s personal lounge chair returns

Danish brand Klassik has reintroduced Poul Volther’s King’s lounge chair featuring a single piece of leather laced over a solid wood frame.

The leather runs from the top of the deeply reclined wooden back all the way down to the front edge of the slightly inclined seat. There are tabs running down each side of the leather that loop back through slots in the frame. A piece of rope laces the tabs tightly together, criss-crossing all the way down the exposed back and pulling the leather taut across the front of the chair.

The arms follow the angle of the back legs and then shoot forwards with a slight arch. The frame is available in soap-treated, black-oiled and smoked oak, and the leather in black, natural, cognac and dark brown.

Only three of these were made originally in 1952, with one of them going to King Frederick IX of Denmark and another being Poul’s chair of choice to relax into at the end of a long day. Poul was a prominent twentieth century Danish furniture designer best known for his 1964 Corona chair that mimics a spinal structure up its back.

Available: 4-6 weeks
RRP ex VAT: £2900