Kasthall - Gronska rugs

Ilse Crawford creates rugs inspired by Swedish landscape

Designer Ilse Crawford sets out to bring the colours, patterns and textures of the Swedish landscape indoors with her new rug collection for Kasthall.

Ilse drew inspiration for the Grönska collection, meaning 'greenery' in Swedish, from the landscape around the Kasthall factory in Kinna, southern Sweden, where the brand and its factory have been based since its founding in 1889.

Together with her studio and the in-house design team at Kasthall, she explored different weaving and tufting techniques in order to reflect the rhythm, irregularity and diverse tones of the landscape throughout the year.

The collection is made to order in custom sizes and consists of four production pieces - one tufted rug in wool and linen named Täppa, and three woven ones in 100% wool named Fåra, Glänta and Äng. Each design comes in four colours to reflect the different seasons.

A fifth design, called Åker, is avaiable as a limited edition of just 50 pieces. This one features wide stripes each made with different techniques, colours, textures and a mixture of yarns.