Karakter - Pearl pendant light

Nick Ross layers glass in minimalist pendant light

Designer Nick Ross has layered a translucent glass shade over a glowing globe to create an elegant pendant light for Danish brand Karakter.

Called Pearl, the pendant light has a mouth-blown glass shade that’s shaped like a shallow dome with a very subtle upward curve around the rim. The shade sits over an acid-etched glass sphere of light, which peeks out past the bottom of the shade. This combination of an opal glass globe and a dome shade brings together two dominant types of contemporary lighting, using clean layers of minimalist curves to create a softer version of both.

The shade comes in smoked glass, which creates a slight shadow over the part of the globe that it covers, or you can choose clear glass for an interrupted view of the sphere. It hangs from a black, fabric wrapped cord, and there’s a wall version too where the globe protrudes out from the centre of the shade.

Available: Jan 2019

Author: Marius Thies