John Eadon - Trellis Shelving

Trellis shelves divide space with bentwood arches

This week British designer and maker John Eadon showed off his bentwood modular shelving system at Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

Called Trellis, the free-standing unit comprises thick timber dowels of oak or ash, steam-bent into arches for the top and bottom and joined with thinner cross-pieces up and down each side. Loose panels with diagonal struts hang anywhere on the front or back to create a criss-crossing grid. You can combine the modular components in any configuration and John can also make custom additional parts.

The structure has an open and liner appearance that was inspired by John's research into the techniques and design language of traditional English Windsor furniture-making, where the spacing between the spindles is as important as the solid parts of the object. There's also a visual similarity to the lightness and curves of colonial cane furniture, which has been growing in popularity since rattan reappeared as a trending material last year.

John's workshop is based on his family farm in Warwickshire and he sources only FSC wood from sustainably managed forests. His pieces are suitable for residential and contract use, and for orders with larger volumes he outsources production to a specialist in handcrafted manufacturing who he trusts to maintain the same level of detail.

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Lead time: 6-8 weeks
Approx RRP ex VAT: £1790 (5 shelves, 2 panels)