JCP Universe - Belmer collection

Matteo Cibic designs furniture like pebbles

Venetian designer Matteo Cibic has created a range of voluptuous furniture with velvet seats and shiny tables that look like a collection of pebbles.

The opulent Belmer range includes an unusual sofa made of separate velvet seats with lacquered metal bases, joined together side by side all the way around cushioned backrests. It’s got one low, long backrest that reaches across the length of its seat and the other high and round. There’s also a shiny metal table nestled within the cushioned landscape.

You can get one- and two-seater versions that take sections out of the larger sofa, and the table comes on its own as well. Each seat in the collection is upholstered in your choice of aqua blue, mossy green or dusty red velvet.

Matteo designed the collection for Italian producers JCP Universe, a brand that makes imaginative furniture out of its headquarters positioned between Lake Como and Milan.

Available: Made to order
RRP ex VAT: Starting from £5,404

Photo credit: Silvio Macchi