Itens - Bruta lighting collection

Golden grass shines in Brazilian lighting collection

Brazilian designer Ana Neute has woven stems of golden grass unique to Brazil’s Jalapão State Park in Tocantins into an artisanal lighting collection for Sao Paulo lighting brand Itens.

These unusual lights feature flat circles of grass woven in concentric spirals, sewn together with thread made from palm leaves. The circles are set into brass frames with slender arms that hold white glass globes of light, highlighting the shimmer of the grass when turned on. There are table, floor, wall and suspension versions, each with different arrangements of discs and globes.

Women in the community of Tocantins has been using this bright, shiny grass to weave objects for over 70 years. The first creations were woven in circles so Ana worked closely with Itens and the area’s local women to develop the Bruta lighting collection using the same shape in honor of the material’s heritage.

In Tocantins, women are responsible for the harvest of golden grass and dominate the art of weaving it, making up a large share of the community’s income. The Bruta lighting collection is no exception - designed, produced and commercialised by teams of Brazilian women.