Idle Hands - Platform table

Thin metal sheets form sculptural table base

Flat pieces of laser-cut steel create a light, sculptural base for a new side table designed and produced by Melbourne studio Idle Hands.

Brand co-founder Kieran Meegan used to build ships for the navy, while his partner, Rickie-Lee Robbie, is an avid printmaker. While exploring the idea of using flat planes to make 3D objects, they used their combined understanding of metal fabrication and two-dimensional shapes to create the Platform table.

Each side of the base is made of two sheets of metal that are joined together at a hinge, which allows you to fold the bases down if you need. The sheets are wide at the bottom then cut away in a sweeping curve to create thin necks at the top. The rectangular metal table top slots down over the legs and there’s a little metal tab underneath to hold it in place.

The collection also includes three other bases that are suited to smaller, round tabletops. Each table comes in six colour variations with a powder-coated, weather-resistant finish.

RRP ex VAT: £185