Houtique - Mambo armchair

Lustrous armchair wears fringed hem

A delicate fringe hangs elegantly from the base of this colour-blocked, velvet armchair created by Spanish furniture brand Houtique.

The Mambo armchair has a deeply curved, upholstered foam backrest that runs all the way round the seat like a wall. The chic fringe hangs down from the bottom of the backrest, creating a sheer curtain round the base of the chair. It hangs a few millimetres off the ground and lets light in underneath and between the strands.

The chair’s seat is an oval foam cushion perched on top of a shiny metal base that reflect the fringing. It nestles deep within the curve of the backrest and is surrounded by another firm piece of upholstered foam for extra cushioning.

The velvet upholstery comes in mint green with a chocolate brown seat combined with a silver chrome base. Alternatively, you can go for lavender velvet with the same brown seat and a shiny gold base.

Valencia studio Masquespacio designed the Mambo chair after two other fruitful collaborations with Houtique, and now manages the creative direction of the Spanish brand