House of Finn Juhl - 48 sofa bench

Finn Juhl’s sofa bench is back in production

The brand dedicated to producing the Danish architect Finn Juhl’s 20th century designs has brought back his two-seater sofa with the light frame of a bench.

It’s got one long seat with a peak in the middle, like a saddle seat, and the backrest has a similar shape with two curves at the bottom and a ridge in the middle. The backrest curls up to a soft point on each side like a pair of wings.

The wooden frame is peppered with thoughtful details like the flat part of each armrest for your elbow that mimics the wing-like shape of the back, and the curve of the bottom of the backrest that follows the same line as the curve between the two seats. It keeps the chair light with a series of wooden rails that connect across the back, supporting the backrest and the seat. There are three back legs with one at the centre, and the seat and backrest pieces are joined to the frame with brass bolts.

You can upholster the seat and backrest in fabric or leather and the frame comes in oak with teak armrests, or entirely walnut.

The 48 sofa bench was part of the 48 Series which Finn Juhl presented for the first time at Copenhagen’s annual Cabinet Makers’ Guild Exhibition in 1948. The series also includes a chair which is the same as one half of the sofa bench.

Finn Juhl was one of the first Danish furniture designers to achieve international recognition, bringing concepts of Danish modernism as far afield as early twentieth century America. House of Finn Juhl was founded in 2001 exclusively to produce the architect’s designs, and brought back this sofa bench for 3daysofdesign this year.

Available: From September
RRP ex VAT: £6,029