Hanaduri - Moon mobile

Brass mobile frames paper circles

Rings of brass trace around circles of delicate paper in a handmade mobile created by Korean design studio Hanaduri.

Called Moon, the mobile has an intricate brass structure of slender arms branching off in different directions, each holding a circle of thin paper within a brass ring like planets in orbit. The largest circle has overlapping rings on top of the paper, while others are partially covered with solid sections of brass or left plain.

You can choose between natural white or black dyed paper with a golden or black frame. The paper is called Hanji, a traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry fibres. It’s so thin that you can see the blemishes through either colour option as natural light shines through.

Hanaduri was by founded by twin sisters based in Seoul, and the pair will show Moon at London’s designjunction later this year alongside their other collections of artistic objects.

The Moon mobile is yet another example the celestial theme that we identified in our trend report earlier this year.