Haberdashery - Dawn to dusk light

Haberdashery creates lights that evoke the sun

Circles of light capture the changing hues of a rising and setting sun in London design studio Haberdashery’s latest Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamps.

Dawn to Dusk is the first piece of the brand’s Evoke collection, which was inspired by memories of light. The round lamp changes colour as you slide it up and down on a black stem, which is fixed into a weighty triangular base.

The colours change from a low-intensity red through to orange, then from a warm to a bright white light. These colours were designed to support our circadian rhythm which uses different hues to either stimulate or relax the mind and body. You can turn the light off by sliding it down to the base of the stem, and you can also rotate it 360 degrees around the stem to direct the light wherever you need it.

Haberdashery also showed previews of the next pieces to join the Evoke collection in 2019, including the architectural After Dark light featuring specks of colour like lights in an evening cityscape.