Gärsnäs - Mr N Chair

Färg & Blanche stitch fabric onto wood in new chair for Gärsnäs

Stockholm-based design duo Färg & Blanche has added a conference chair to their collection of seating made by stitching fabric directly onto wood.

The designers developed their Wood Tailoring technique in 2014 and have already used it to create the Julius armchair and sofa for Gärsnäs. Mr N is the latest chair to use the method and is named after Emma Blanche’s grandfather Neil. The chair has a backrest and arms made from a single piece of moulded veneer, covered with upholstered foam on the front. A line of stitching close to the top edge punches right through the layers of wood and fabric, using a powerful sewing machine and no pre-drilled holes or glue.

While Mr N is available in a variety of fabrics, it’s best to choose one with a bit of stretch to allow the stitching to pull the fabric down where it needs to. The chair comes with a chrome swivel base and is also available with oak or ash wooden legs in a regular four-legged base. You’ve got six colour options for the thread and can choose between an ash or oak shell with a variety of stains.

Mr N will be available to order from September.