Gärsnäs - Colette Collection

Gärsnäs shows sofa and armchair inspired by Chanel

Colette is the new collection from Gärsnäs, including an elegant sofa and cushioned armchair inspired by the defining lines of a classic Chanel suit.

Stockholm designer Nina Jobs runs a neat keder edge along the outline of the pieces in this collection to emphasise its chic shape.The outline comes in a tone that's either darker or lighter than the seat’s fabric and stands out as the focal point of the pieces in this range.

Nina sees fashion as the trendsetter in the broader world of design and wanted to capture the culture of Parisian haute-couture by creating something simple that’s brought to life with a strong detail.

The name of this collection was inspired by French female 19th century novelist, Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, who wrote candidly about women’s independence in a male dominated society. Nina was inspired by the combination of strength and sensuality captured in Colette’s books and embodies this in the collection’s solid, sturdy wooden frame that’s padded out with thick, plump cushions.

The Colette collection is available to order from this Spring with options for the legs in either oxidised brass or powder coated steel.

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