Golran - Garden of Eden rug collection

India Mahdavi designs rug based on swirling leaves

Italian company Golran has produced a rug collection featuring swirling vortexes of leaf-like shapes created by French designer India Mahdavi.

The collection is called Garden of Eden and comes in two different models that both capture the movement of windswept leaves. The rectangular version has a busy, multi-tonal pattern at the centre framed by a tessellating structure of diamond shapes that make up the rug’s zig-zag border. The second version is the same as the swirling centre of the first but without the structured border, so the overall shape is irregular with a jagged edge.

There are four colourways, each named after a different month to reflect the seasons; March is predominantly green with hints of lighter shades, June is honey yellow, September has a range of rose and maroon tones, while December is black and off-white.

Luscious Persian gardens inspired the Iranian-born designer to capture the leafy beauty of these paradisiacal spaces. The collection was launched in Milan where India had a strong presence across the city, including her Chez Nina nightclub exhibition for Nilafur that featured a combination of art deco shapes and graphic patterns.

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