Gantri - Maskor table lamp

Biodegradable table lamp emits warm glow

Lighting platform Gantri has produced a 3D-printed table lamp made from bioplastic that emits a warm glow through its ribbed shade.

Both the shade and base are made from corn-based bioplastic, a material that’s as durable and flexible as plastics made from crude oil, but is entirely biodegradable. When you turn the light on, a soft glow emanates through the translucent white shade, picking up the peaks and troughs of its ribbed body.

The rounded base comes in three neutral colours that the brand calls snow, sand and fog. It’s got a fabric-wrapped cord and a dimmer switch too.

Patterns of whorled shells inspired industrial design studio Muka Design Lab to create the lamp, and it’s called Maskor, meaning seashell in a dialect of Spanish.

Gantri is a digital platform that invites product designers to create lighting using its modelling software, which Gantri then produces by 3D-printing.

Available: 1-4 weeks
RRP ex VAT: £116

Author: Marius Thies