Fürstenburg - Plisago side table

Algorithms define pleated porcelain side table

German design practise Studio Besau-Marguerre used digitally generated algorithms to create a pleated side table for historical porcelain manufacturer Fürstenberg.

Called Plisago, the porcelain table has a smooth surface with a slanted, ribbed rim that tapers in around the middle of the base. The pleats all finish at different lengths and some protrude further out than others, creating a jagged, irregular line at the waist that contrasts with the neat lines around the top. The lower half of the base widens out a little as the lines even out again and lead down to the ground.

It comes in either pink or white porcelain and there are two different height options. In the taller of the two, the protruding pleats are a little more refined as they stretch further in each half.

Fürstenberg has been producing porcelain tableware since the 18th century and this delicate interplay of straight lines and asymmetry is the brand’s first foray into furniture.

RRP ex VAT: £1,154

Author: Marius Thies