Fredericia - Yksi Armchair

Fredericia makes stackable armchair shaped like upside down Y

Yksi is the new lightweight, stackable armchair based on an upside down Y shape from Danish brand Fredericia.

Its oak legs lean in towards each other and join in pairs on either side of the seat. The backrest and arms are made of a single strip of oak that curves from the tip of one pair of legs round the back to the other side. This backrest slots into the tips of the legs, making for a light frame with open space between the seat and back.

The seat can be upholstered in fabric or leather, while the body comes in a range of finishes including black lacquered and white oiled oak. Its name means “one” in Finnish and was chosen because its first letter looks like the shape of the legs.

Yksi was designed by Jakob Thau and Sami Kallio of Danish-Finnish studio Thau & Kallio. The pair of independent designers have been friends for 15 years and set up their studio in 2015 after attending a year long wood bending workshop at Carl Malmsten design school in Stockholm. They experimented with bent wood prototypes of the Yksi chair there, and over the next few years developed the piece out of carved oak.

Yksi was presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair, where Thau & Kallio also showed their new Nordic stacking chair for Danish furniture brand Gemla.

Available: May
RRP ex VAT: £389

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