Fogia - Enclose Armchair

Norm Architects designs wingback chair inspired by flower petals

Norm Architects has designed a wingback chair that encloses you in its petal-like curves for Stockholm brand Fogia.

Enclose Armchair is made of two upholstered shells resting just millimetres apart from each other in a low solid oak base. You can see the outline of the separate shells from each side of the chair, where the back rests in the lowest part of the seat.

The seat and arms are made of the same u-shaped shell and you lean into the winged back that encloses you with gentle curves on both sides. Leather cushions are secured to the back and seat with velcro.

Norm Architects designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen looked to nature to inspire this modern revision of a traditional wingback chair, taking the idea of overlapping petals to inform his design. Enclose is Norm Architect’s first creation for the Swedish brand that launched the chair at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017.

Enclose will be available to order from autumn in leather or fabric upholstery with a range of oil stains for the base.