Flos - Sawaru floor lamp

Nendo’s massive cylindrical floor lamp from Flos now available

The minimalist floor lamp made up of two large aluminium cylinders designed by Japanese studio Nendo for Flos is now available to order.

It’s called Sawaru, meaning “to lean” in Japanese, and it features a cylindrical light resting at an angle on a round, hollow base. There’s a small pin attached to the base and there are three holes on the underside of the light. You can insert the pin into any of the holes to adjust the angle of the light to 25, 40 or 60 degrees.

The spotlight shines softly through a photo-etched polycarbonate diffuser and you can dim it using a pedal switch on the cord. The metal cylinders come in black, white, gold or blue with matte or galvanised finishes.

Available: Jan 2019

Author: Marius Thies