Flos - Arrangements

Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades for Flos is now available to order

The illuminated chains of circles, diamonds and squares designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos that were the talk of Milan 2017 are now available to order.

The Arrangements collection consists of nine pieces that you can link together in a way that looks like they’re balancing on each other. Each one has a matte black aluminium rim that holds its shape, while a flexible LED strip runs around the outside to create an uninterrupted glow. The pieces are attached to each other at aluminium joints that allow electricity to pass from one piece to the next.

The fixtures are suspended from a cable that runs down from the ceiling rose and loops back up through the first shape to hold it in place. The rose has a system that allows you to adjust the positioning and orientation of the lamp, and a custom circuit that lets you control the brightness. With Arrangements, Michael translates the delicacy of a piece of jewellery into something much bigger that you can use to adorn an interior space.

Since Flos showed the piece in April last year, lighting that references jewellery has been a building trend. Dutch studio Formafantasma’s Magnifier ceiling lamp designed in collaboration with Roman design gallery Giustini hangs from the ceiling like a delicate hoop earring, while Neri and Hu’s nh1217 portable lamp for Artemide features a brass ring that you can use to hang the piece like an accessory.