Established & Sons - A-Bench

Established & Sons launches sulphur yellow outdoor bench

Eclectic British brand Established & Sons has launched an outdoor version of its A-Bench in speckled sulphur yellow stainless steel.

Created by London designer Felix de Pass, the two-tone powder-coated finish is predominantly yellow with a black fleck that creates a coarse texture and is extremely durable outdoors.

The bench was originally designed in 2011, made up of two identical halves with a thick wooden seat split down the middle and black metal legs. The overall shape is still the same; the new steel seat features two long perforated panels that slant in towards each other like a mirror image, with sharp wings folded in underneath to mimic the angular outline of the original wooden seat.

Each chunky leg is made from two hexagonal blocks fastened together, and that joining is more obvious in sulphur yellow than the original black, which adds to the industrial aesthetic.

The new bench was shown for the first time during London Design Festival in a gritty courtyard furniture installation outside the brand’s Shoreditch headquarters.