Erik Jørgensen - Ovo chair

Erik Jørgensen makes chair inspired by pasta

Danish brand Erik Jørgensen has produced a chair with leather upholstery that’s draped over its steel frame like pasta over a rolling pin.

Cushioned pieces of upholstered leather fold over the top edges of the armrests and back down the other side, with a steel rim on show around three edges of each piece. The backrest and arms have rounded corners at the bottom, making the outline of the chair feel soft like the shape of a freshly rolled sheet of pasta.

The seat is deep with long arms on either side and the backrest is attached to the back edges of the armrests, extending a little further down than the seat. Below the seat, there’s an angular steel frame that has the same finish as the rim around the seat cushions.

Called Ovo, the name is a play on words deriving from the Italian word “uovo”, meaning egg. British designer Damian Williamson wanted to translate the nonchalance of flexibly, floppy pasta into an easy chair that looks and encourages you to feel laid-back.

The chair was presented in Erik Jørgensen’s Copenhagen showroom for 3 Days of Design.

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Available: October
RRP ex VAT: £3,731