ENOstudio - Plus floor lamp

Aluminium discs cross in slender floor lamp

French brand Eno Studio will show a minimalist floor lamp featuring two intersecting discs fixed to a tall, slim stem in Cologne this week.

The head of the Plus light sits just below the top of the stem, elegantly balanced to one side and echoing the shape of the circular base. The horizontal disc of the head directs a diffused LED light both up and down with an aluminium ring circling round its edge. The vertical disc is solid aluminium and cuts through the middle of the light to split it into two halves.

The whole lamp is made from painted anodised aluminium and comes in a range of finishes.

French design practise Nocc Studio created the existing collection, which also includes a wall lamp and pendant light. Founded by designers Juan Pablo Naranjo and Jean-Christophe Orthilieb in 2009, Nocc Studio designs both furniture and interiors as well as offering branding and consultancy services.

Available: now
RRP ex VAT: £442
Author: Femke Gow