ENOstudio - Gambi Two Pendant Light

ENOstudio makes dumbbell-shaped pendant light

French brand ENOstudio’s new Gambi Two pendant is shaped like a dumbbell, featuring two glass shades joined by a metal bar

The centre of the dumbbell is fixed to a little metal tube that encases the lower part of the cable. The shades are inserted into each end of the metal bar to balance out the fixture and a small pin holds them in place. The glass is mouth blown and comes in smoked, bronze or clear finishes. To contrast, the metal is available in gold or black powder-coated brass, or copper, and you can mix and match all of these options for different looks.

Gambi Two is a variation of the original Gambi pendant that features just one glass shade at its base and comes in all the same finishes. The collection was created by the in-house design team at ENOstudio led by French designer Jean-Edouard Cistacq, who was inspired by shapes of 1930’s lighting.

Gambi Two is available to order from the beginning of June.