Edward Johnson - Radiant drawers

Handmade veneers radiate like growth rings

British designer maker Edward Johnson has made a chest of drawers using his own handmade veneers to create radial patterns that look like a slice across the annual growth rings of a tree.

Edward Johnson slices hundreds of layers of oak or ash and then curves them before pressing the layers together in order of shade from dark to light. He then slices vertically down the compressed block to create sheets of layered veneers with curved lines, which sweep across the front of the unit. The designer uses the same technique to make veneers with a radial core for the top of the drawers, and straight lines for the sides.

The bottom of the unit is curved to echo the lines on the front, and the wood is oiled to enhance its natural characteristics. You can choose between fumed, brown or natural oak, and olive or natural ash.

The designer’s wavy “Murano” veneers were inspired by the production of Venetian glass, where craftsmen float layers of different coloured glass through one another to produce intricate patterns.

Available: Made to order