Diesel Living x Foscarini - Space Fab pendant light

Foscarini makes UFO pendant light

Foscarini and Diesel Living have created a crumpled pendant light shaped like an alien spacecraft from an old movie.

Called Space Fab, the pendant’s shade has a bright white layer of fabric on the outside with a hidden layer of aluminium underneath, which gives the shade its crumpled surface. There’s another layer on the underside of the shade; a silvery satin that reflects the light with an anti-glare finish across the peaks and troughs of its glistening, crinkled surface.

Metal rods reach out from the centre of the light and arch over to the metal rim that runs round the shade to keep its dome shape, like the structure of an umbrella. The semi-recessed spotlight sits in a white metal plate that hangs from the centre, and the shade comes in two different diameters; 120cm for retail settings and 70cm for the home.

Diesel Living collaborates with multiple producers to realise its homeware range, including Moroso for furniture, Selette for accessories and Foscarini for lighting.

Available: From December 2018
RRP ex VAT: £265 for small and £356 for large