Derek Castiglioni - Aquiloni collection

Palm-print fabric adorns tropical sunbed

Milanese landscape designer Derek Castiglioni has ventured into his first collection of outdoor furniture, including a sunbed with cushions upholstered in tropical fabrics.

Dashes of golden yellow and leafy green cover the top side of the cushion, which is a warm shade of off-white along the sides and underneath. Sparkly gold piping runs around the edges of the cushion and a peach-coloured band, with the same golden border, straps it to the frame at the fold. The bronze metal frame has gold-tipped feet, creating a mature and playful repetition of colour that brings out the warmth of the vibrant fabric.

Called Aquiloni, the collection includes a dining chair covered in the same fabric as the sunbed, which was inspired by the designer’s favourite type of palm. There’s also a series of modular tables in bright beachy colours of yellow, turquoise and peach with the same gold-tipped feet.