deadgood - Hug chair

deadgood makes Lloyd Loom chair

British brand deadgood has launched a collection of durable Lloyd Loom chairs made from kraft paper twisted round aluminium wires and manipulated over a plywood shell.

The seat and back of the Hug chair are formed from one veneer shell that’s entirely covered in the twentieth century Lloyd Loom material. The metallic weave is incredibly durable and the light brown paper is elastic and tear resistant so it wraps easily around the aluminium wires. There’s also a strip of braided wire woven into the back of the chair that runs along the outline of the chair and under the seat.

The chair stands on a curvy tubular steel frame in black with front legs that lead up into the armrests then wrap around the back of the chair. The back legs are formed from another piece of steel that runs around the outline of the backrest, bulging slightly at the top corners to lift away from the shape of the plywood shell.