Cogolin - Nord/Sud rug collection

Cogolin makes rugs inspired by paving stones

French rug manufacturer Cogolin has produced a series of rugs inspired by bird’s-eye views of paving stones, created by Paris interior architect Stéphane Parmentier.

Called Nord/Sud, the collection includes five rugs and two runners, all made up of irregular shapes like pebbles and wonky rectangles. They’re all arranged in rectangular patterns suggesting paths, and there’s a little bit of space around each shape where you can see a darker colour, like grouting between paving stones.

They’re all named after different places in France and come in colours ranging from the pastels of Provence like rose and nougat to more urban colours like asphalt or granite. Every piece in the collection is made from wool, flax and silk, hand-knotted over a backing made from the red Sumac plant.