Christopher Farr - Irene Infantes rugs

Layered shapes give depth to rugs

Geometric rugs present the illusion of layered shapes in a collection created by Spanish designer Irene Infantes for British brand Christopher Farr.

The collection includes four rugs that the designer created to capture snapshots of her everyday life; she uses contemporary collages of block colours to transform abstract representations of objects and photographs. Each rug has at least one line running through it, sometimes weaving through shapes, that represents the designer’s journey through her own creative processes.

Two rugs, Levitation and Magnetism, are hand-knotted in Afghanistan where locals farm sheep for their lanolin-rich wool, which is particularly durable and absorbs dye in an unpredictable way. This gives the rugs a slightly aged aesthetic. The other two rugs, Gravitation and Seville, are flat-woven in India from raw silk that has been drawn out and twisted to create a matte and textured surface, as opposed to the usual smooth characteristics of silk rugs.

Available: From July
RRP ex VAT: £3,985