cc-tapis - Slinkie rug

cc-tapis makes slinky-inspired rug

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola’s new Slinkie rug collection from cc-tapis features helical spirals in graduating shades of colour.

The range is inspired by extended and compressed versions of the colourful plastic spring-like toy that grew in popularity in the 1970s. The rug’s shape is completely customisable with any number of swirls and different patterns. You can have versions with looser, more rounded curves or ones that ripple down tightly like a slinky extending down to the floor.

The shapes are drawn digitally, allowing every rug to display a different evolution of colour. The shades progress through each curl and are unexpectedly juxtaposed with other colours as the design spirals around.

Standard colours include nautical shades of royal blue and sea green or earthy tones of deep maroon through to pale khaki. The rugs are made of a blend of pure silk with himalayan and pashmina wool.

Patricia’s design for the French producer was launched in Milan alongside meteorite-shaped rugs by Bethan Laura Wood, whose vibrant designs were prominent all over in Milan this year, as well as a tribal-inspired collection by Italian design duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

All the new rugs are available to order now.