Cassina - Beugel chair

Cassina reissues Rietveld's Beugel chair

The Beugel chair designed by De Stijl architect Gerrit Rietveld in 1927 is now back in production with Italian brand Cassina.

The chair is classic example of his experiments on the separation of constructive elements. The minimal frame comprises two identical thin steel loops, tracing a continuous zig-zag on either side to create hairpin legs while providing just enough support to the back of the seat.

A precise laminated beech and stained ash shell drapes over the curves at the front edge of the seat and top of the backrest, defining the chair's profile. The legs are matte black and the seat comes in natural, black, petrol blue, burgundy or taupe.

The design was first created by the Dutch architect in for Metz & Co, the leading Dutch department store. Cassina worked with his heirs to reinvigorate the pieces, switching the frame for a thinner 15mm steel tube to make it lighter and introducing a more ergonomic line that's now possible through advances in 3D manufacturing technology.