Carl Hansen & Søn - Indoor/outdoor series

Bodil Kjær’s 1959 Indoor-Outdoor collection returns

Danish brand Carl Hansen and Søn has reintroduced the 1959 Indoor-Outdoor collection by renowned Danish designer Bodil Kjaer, launched at an exhibition in Milan showcasing reissues of mid-20th century designs.

The collection features inclined backrests and seats made up of linear wooden slats. Each chair is framed by two wooden squares on either side that serve as feet and armrests, and you can see the angle of backrest slicing through the square from the side.

The range includes a lounge chair and side table at the same height, dining furniture, sofas and a sunbed, all produced in teak and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can also have slender, weather-resistant cushions to go with any of the seats and beds.

Bodil originally designed the collection with the view that furniture should be a natural continuation of its surrounding architecture in size and shape, so she created large, angular furniture to have a strong presence in open spaces.

Carl Hansen & Søn has now added the range to its permanent collection. It was presented at Palazzo Litta in Milan as part of the Another Nordic exhibition where Danish furniture brand Karakter teamed up with six other manufacturers to bring back furniture, lighting and glassworks that have been out of production for over 40 years.

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