BuzziSpace - BuzziHat pendant light

Pendant light absorbs sound

Brussels furniture brand BuzziSpace has made a pendant light that absorbs sound through its upholstered foam body, created by Belgium designer Alain Gilles.

Called BuzziHat, it’s shaped like a tall, rounded top hat with a sound-absorbing crown. The foam upholstery makes up the majority of the pendant and absorbs the echoes of mid to high acoustic notes.

It’s got a powder-coated metal shade that runs around the base of the foam, and there’s a metal ring that separates the shade and the body like a band around a hat. The light shines through a translucent diffuser on the underside, giving off a bright but gentle glow.

The light is available in four different sizes and the upholstery comes in a range of different fabrics, while the metal parts come in black, white, orange and gold.