Budri - Marea dining table

Patricia Urquiola designs graphic marble tables

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has created a series of marble tables with surfaces in different shades of sea-green for Italian brand Budri.

Called Marea, meaning tide in Italian, the collection includes an oval dining table made up of green marble slices in different shades that evoke the varying depths of the sea. The colours range from a deep-sea green that’s almost black to a minty shade of off-white, covered in marble veins that look like the lines and shadows created by a rippling surface of water.

Each curved slice hugs the next along the length of the tabletop in a shell-like pattern and the two monolithic legs are slightly curved as well. The Marea range also includes coffee and console tables with the same curved slices in oceanic colours including coral pink.

Patricia designed the collection for the Italian brand that produces marble furniture as well as large-scale marble building projects.