Breem - debut collection

Samuel Wilkinson to launch his own LED lighting brand in Milan

British designer Samuel Wilkinson will launch his own lighting brand Breem in Milan, delving into the fluid shapes of cutting-edge LED technology.

The debut collection includes two pendant lights, Smile and Curli, that show off different treatments of compact fluorescent lighting. Made from twisted and curved glass tubes that glow as a current passes through the vapour of mercury and argon, the bulb is the focal point of each light with no need for a shade to encase it.

Curli features an LED coil that wraps around the bulb holder, inspired by the calligraphic flourish of formal cursive writing. For Smile, Samuel fitted playful glass bars with a flexible filament onto an oval ceramic base. The bars come in a straight line, U-shape or smile-like curve.

Both were designed to be used in isolation or in groups, and have a rotating mechanism hidden inside that lets you to line them up with surrounding bulbs.

Samuel co-founded Breem with LED lighting specialists Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra (founders of lighting company well-lit). He’s the brains behind Plumen’s game-changing 001 bulb, known as the world’s first energy efficient designer light bulb, and his new venture is a natural next step with that reputation under his belt.

Stop by the soft-launch exhibition in Milan’s new design district, Ventura Future at Future Dome, Via Paisiello 6 from 17-22 April.