Bohinc Studio - Since the world is round chair collection

Lara Bohinc creates celestial seating collection

Planetary and lunar orbits inspired British designer Lara Bohinc to produce her first collection of delicate, minimalist chairs.

She’s calling the collection Since the world is round and it includes three chairs; Lunar, Solar and Orbi, each with elegant galvanised steel frames that combine perfect right angles with arching curves. The seat and back cushions on all the chairs are upholstered in orange, red, pink, petrol and black.

Solar has an asymmetric frame that features a combination of whole and semi circles alluding to the rising and setting of the sun. Lunar’s arms are made of one rounded piece of metal that curves all the way round the small circular backrest that sits at its centre. It’s also got another semi-circle that projects out from the backrest rest and arches down to the underside of the seat, creating a sense of movement like orbiting planets. Finally, Orbit’s curved armrests reach out from either side of the backrest at a steep decline before attaching to each of the front legs.

Since the world is round was produced in collaboration with London-based gallery Matter of Stuff . Lara is originally a jewellery designer, and first ventured into the world of interiors for the time in May 2017 when she launched her first collection of lights that look like colliding orbs.

This is her first furniture range and was shown at the Alcova exhibition in Milan. The collection is available to order now and features a vanity console and matching chair, as well as home accessories including vases, candlesticks and boxes.

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