Bloc Studio - Inlay side table

Nick Ross designs side table inspired by marble inlay

Roman marble inlay inspired product designer Nick Ross to create a side table where the tops of the legs push through to the surface.

Produced by Italian manufacturer of marble furniture Bloc Studio, the Inlay side table is made from interlocking sheets of water-jet cut marble. The tabletop slots down on top of the legs and the top edges of the legs are flush with the surface.

Nick used pink marble for the base and green for the tabletop to create distinct lines and patterns in the surface. He borrowed the technique from the Italian “opus sectile” style of inlay, where materials are cut and inlaid into walls and floors to make patterns.

It comes in two sizes and all the pieces are glued together so the lines aren’t interrupted by any joints.

Italian designers Sara Ferron Cima and Massimo Ciuffi founded Bloc Studios in 2014 in Carrara, a region of Italy known for its ancient marble quarries.

Available: 6-8 weeks
RRP ex VAT: From £1,357